What is Slipstream?

Slipstream is the place to go to find the best workout inspiration videos, podcasts, playlists and more.

When you prepare to workout and need a motivational boost you can find it at Slipstream.

save time

Slipstream was built so you don’t have to waste valuable time searching the internet for inspiring and motivating documentaries, guided interval sessions, podcasts, or music for your workout.

only the best free videos, podcasts and more

It’s a human-curated and ever-growing list of the best guided workout videos, inspiring documentaries, educational podcasts, and pump-up music playlists. Algorithms are awesome but when you are on the treadmill and need to cue up another video you don’t want to have to edit your way through suggestions based on you or your families’ eclectic viewing history or skip from platform to platform looking for something to watch.

get what you need

The filter on our website is designed to help you drill down to the content that you need in the moment. Filter by content type, duration, recommended activity, and even by featured athlete or sponsors.

save your picks for later

Our bookmarking feature allows you to add content to “MyStream” a page that is available to anyone who registers with just an email and password. Free YouTube videos will be added to a playlist that will autoplay so no more fumbling around on a treadmill trying to pick and play another video.

choose your own equipment

Slipstream is free and independent of equipment. You don’t need to buy an expensive bike or smart trainer to use it, but if you have one that works too.

no subscription needed

Slipstream is free to use and features lots of free content (perfect for the cordcutters among us who aren’t keen to add another subscription), but if you already pay for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Audible etc. then you can leverage those subscriptions as we link out directly to the providers of premium content. When you click on one of those links their content will play immediately, no further menu navigation necessary.

kudos to the athletes, brands & producers

We don’t create content, we just hand-pick and review the best stuff out there and try to make it easy for people to find it and use it. All credit for good content goes to the amazing athletes, the brands that support them financially, and the producers that put it all together. We hope that this platform can demonstrate the pent-up demand for this kind of work, get it in front of more users that will benefit from it, and encourage brands to support the production of more inspiring documentaries, podcasts and guided workouts.

our roadmap

Slipstream launched in beta in May 2019. We are constantly adding new content and features. Please do get in touch with any comments, requests or content recommendations. We encourage user feedback that helps us improve the service.